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In March this year we donated £8549 to The Royal British Legion

We enjoy a very good working relationship with our local Royal British Legion branch.  See photos of us receiving a "Certificate of Appreciation" for our fund raising!

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About Us

VIVID Jewellery


Vivid Jewellery is owned and operated by Husband and Wife team, Debbie and Richard Pearson.

Debbie started the business in 2009 on a Market Stall on the Rotherham Outside Market, followed quickly by another stall on the Barnsley Outside Market.

Within three years, the business moved into permanent locations in the indoor Rotherham and Barnsley Market Halls, where we are still located, today.

At this point husband Richard, joined the business and what started with a £250 investment in stock, has now turned into  a successful business, with a six figure turnover.

Our Promise


We promise to treat our customers with the Honesty, Integrity and Respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewellery, and we want customers to feel the same pride, when wearing the pieces from our shop. We hope you will be a part of our growing business, for many years to come.

Trust VIVID Jewellery


You can order from our website with absolute confidence, with the knowledge that you can return your item, for a full refund (excluding postage), should you not be happy with it, within 7 days of receiving your item.

Contact Us at: vividjewellery@outlook.com


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